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(Neurophysiology) BTech (Cardiology)

HPCSA Number: KT 0005886
Practice Number: 0200441

Anton trained initially as a paramedic whilst doing his military service. In 1989, after completing his military service, he did extensive field work in a research project through the Lung Institute at the University of Cape Town.

Here he gained training and experience as a respiratory technician. He subsequently joined the Institute for Maritime Medicine and trained as a neurological technologist achieving his full qualification with distinction in 1997.

Anton was rapidly promoted to head clinical technologist at the Institute where he led a multidisciplinary team. In 2002, as part of his ongoing training and development agenda, Anton registered for a BTech degree in Cardiac Technology through the Central University of Technology in the Free State.

He received his Btech degree with distinction in 2005. Anton has acquired comprehensive qualifications in all the essential aspects of sleep technology and has extensive clinical experience in this area.

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